Saturday, May 1, 2010

Demo Day

Yesterday was Demo Day where we discussed our journey thus far towards creating a virtual beer pong game.

Below, photos can be found of each of the methods we took in an effort to make this project success.

^ Method 1

^ Method 2

^ Method 3

^ The Board

^ HC12

^ Method 4

We have learned several important lessons including:
- How to incorporate various methods in c programming
- About audrino programming
- About the SCI and SPI
- How to react and adapt when an idea does not go as planned
- How to use CAD (when designing the case)
- How to utilize monome boards and interface them to create a complex system
- Further knowledge on using multiple ports

Our next steps would be:
- Each method hit hurdles where further steps could be taken, for instance with interfacing the HC12 with the audrino, some method of communication could potentially be found - interfacing the wii numchuck
- Figure out how to get RTI and ATD to work at the same time

Finally, check out our demo at:

Thank you for keeping up with us!!!

- Lindsey and Jim

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